Rent A Scooter for Uber Eats

Honda NSC110 Dio scooter for rent or hire in Sydney from Scootering in Leichardt with large headlights

According to a report prepared for Uber Eats by Deloitte, they estimate the online food delivery marketing is worth just over $1.3 billion in Australia for 2019. Direct competitor Deliveroo cited a growth of 75% for their business in 2018 as they work with more than 8,000 bike riders and 11,000 restaurants across Australia.

How to make money riding a scooter

Share this story 7,000+ online food orders per hour Food delivery jobs Yes it is true it is easly to learn how to make money riding a scooter for Uber Eats and other food services in Australia.  As of early February 2018’s research estimated that 68 million online food orders were being made […]