Rent A Scooter for Uber Eats

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Online food delivery in Australia is valued at $1.3 billion for 2019

Sydney Morning Heraldn

Deliver food with a rental scooter for Uber Eats

According to a report prepared for Uber Eats by Deloitte, they estimate the online food delivery marketing is worth just over $1.3 billion in Australia for 2019.  Direct competitor Deliveroo cited a growth of 75% for their business in 2018 as they work with more than 8,000 bike riders and 11,000 restaurants across Australia.

While the industry data shows the segment isn’t growing as fast as it was, it is here to stay and has become part of our daily lives. This creates opportunities for people to use a reliable, high quality, rental scooter for Uber Eats to earn an income. It is estimated that 7% of Australian consumers get food delivery once a week, mainly via a scooter.

You can rent a scooter for Uber Eats that is reliable and has a low weekly cost that includes servicing plus insurance. We make it simple to be a Uber Eats rider with our low cost scooter rental service that is paid weekly with no lock-in contracts. It includes;

  • Insurance
  • Registration
  • Servicing
  • Unlimited km’s
  • Emergency replacement
  • Helmet
  • Phone holder


This means you can rent a scooter and earn money with Uber Eats. The Uber Eats delivery fee is usually calculated using a drop-off fee, pick-up fee and a fee per kilometre for the estimated fastest route from pick-up to drop-off for that delivery. An Uber Service Fee applies to the delivery fee. You can learn more about earning money from Uber Eats on their website here.


This means you should choose a reliable and economical scooter to rent for Uber Eats to maximise your earning capacity. Our scooter rentals in Sydney have 2018 models from the Honda range, Australia’s top selling scooter; 


  • Honda NSC 110 Dio – 110cc with automatic transmission.
  • Honda SH150  – 150cc with automatic transmission.
  • Honda CB125 – 125cc with manual transmission.
  1. We only range the top selling Honda NSC 110 Dio, Honda SH150 and Honda CB125 bikes.
  2. Our bikes are high quality and reliable 2018 models.
  3. We offer emergency replacement.
  4. All your primary costs are covered – insurance, registration, helmet, phone holder and servicing.
  5. The NSC110 Dio has a narrow, light design making it easy to lane filter to make deliveries faster.
  6. The fuel economy is amazing with the NSC110 Dio only using around 2 litres per 100km’s travelled.
  7. Simple low cost rental price.
  8. On-site servicing and mainetance. 

Honda Dio


Honda SH150


Honda CB125E


When you are considering scooter hire it is important to consider the ‘hidden’ costs like fuel consumption. The Honda range of scooters and motorcycles have some of the best fuel economy levels available. This will save money on petrol, time to fill up and let you do more deliveries for Uber over longer periods.


Your scooter fuel economy rate will vary based on some of the following conditions;

  • Your riding style – is it smooth or aggressive?

  • The weight of the rider – 60kgs or 120kgs?

  • If you carry passengers – this can double the weight.

  • How you maintain tyre pressures – too low increases riding resistance.

  • The type of fuel you use – 95 octane vs 98.

  • The type of riding you do – stop/start vs freeway.

  • If you use the idle features of the bike – switches off the engine when stopped.



  1. Learn about becoming a rider for Uber Eats on their website here.
  2. Check the local Riders License requirements in New South Wales here
  3. Select a scooter for Uber Eats from our range.
  4. Come and visit our showroom to complete your paperwork, we require a minimum 3 week rental commitment for food deliver services. 

There are other food delivery services like Uber Eats. Menulog and Deliveroo also offer similar services with riders using a scooter to earn money for deliveries. Here is a great article by comparing the three services here 

In their article this is what some of the scooter riders had to say;

  • Larry* is in his late 50s and was laid off from the public service last year. He’s been driving his motorbike for Menulog for about four months to make ends meet and earns $8-$20 per delivery, with an average of five to six in a typical three-hour shift. “I think of it as my work for the dole program,” he says. “It’s OK, but I’d rather have a job with benefits and [paid] days off.”

  • Mo* is an international student, and says he and many of his classmates work for Uber Eats because it fits around their schedules.

  • Wally* says he works nine hours a day from 1pm to 10pm, seven days a week for Uber Eats on his bicycle and earns between $1100 and $1200 a week.

  • Abe* is a Deliveroo bike courier, and has been working for food delivery services for the past year. He says he likes the work because it’s flexible.

*Not their real names.

How much you can earn with Uber Eats will vary depending on the type of vehicle you are using for the deliveries, how many deliveries you do and how often. It is important to remember that you can maximise the amount of money you can earn with Uber Eats by also reducing your scooter rental costs. Of course our rental service in Sydney includings the cost of servicing, registration, insurance, emergency replacement, helmet and phone holder so all the basic costs are covered.


Every rider’s situation will be different but Amy Tobin from Melbourne shared this story with

“Between Monday and Sunday last week, Ms Tobin says she made $433.64 from her fares, based on a total of 48 trips over 21 hours — the equivalent of $20.65 per hour.”

Required documents for Uber Eats

There are some required documents to apply to become a rider and use your scooter for Uber Eats that include a license, passport, birth certificate and copy of insurance. Read more here

Should I drive or deliver for Uber?

Well we are bias of course but you should use one of our scooters for Uber Eats to deliver food. It’s fun, economical and you’ll experience the great food Sydney has to offer.

How to become a delivery partner on Uber Eats?

There are a number of requirements to become a delivery partner for Uber Eats and you can learn about them here. 

Can I deliver with Uber Eats if I have no driving licence?

Uber Eats provide all the required information about the license you need read more here. You can rent a scooter in Sydney with an Australian or Overseas Riders License.

How much do Uber Eats delivery people make?

This will depend on your location, vehicle, amount of hours worked, frequency of deliveries and distances travelled. Read the example we shared earlier on this page. 

Is it worth working for Uber Eats?

This will greatly depend on the frequency that you are able to do deliveries. Although our low cost scooter rental service in Sydney is perfect for Uber Eats to maximise your earning potential.

Is Uber the best alternative to low-paying jobs?

The amount of pay you earn via Uber Eats will depend on your location, vehicle, amount of hours worked, frequency of deliveries and distances travelled. Having a low cost scooter rental will help maximise your earnings. It is also a very flexible way to work compared to a regular job.

Is Uber Eats one of the best side hustles?

Well it could potentially be a great side hustle depending on the frequency that you are able to do deliveries. Our low cost scooter rental service in Sydney is perfect for Uber Eats to maximise your earning potential.

Can you do Uber Eats with a scooter?

Yes you can deliver food for Uber Eats with a scooter. 

How much is it to rent a scooter from Uber?

Our scooter rental for Uber Eats costs $130 per week to rent.

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