How to get a riders license for a scooter


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Over 95,000 motorcycles of all types sold in 2018 in Australia

Learn to ride a LAMS Approved Scooter

In 2018 the Honda NSC110 Dio was the top selling scooter in Australia & is our best rental scooter. It’s combination of reliability and performance making it a perfect scooter of choice to learn to ride a bike with. The NSC110 is LAMS Compliant so it is a suitable scooter to get a riders license with.

Yes we allow riders with a Learner’s License to rent a scooter in Sydney. We make it simple with our low cost scooter rental service that is paid weekly with no lock-in contracts. It includes;

  • Insurance
  • Registration
  • Servicing
  • Unlimited km’s
  • Emergency replacement
  • Helmet
  • Phone holder


This means you can learn to ride while you have your Learners License and also go for the riding test.

  1. We only range the top selling Honda NSC 110 Dio, Honda SH150 and Honda CB125 bikes.

  2. Our bikes are high quality and reliable 2018 models.

  3. All your primary costs are covered – insurance, registration, helmet, phone holder and servicing.

  4. The NSC110 Dio has a light design making it easy to manouvre and handle.

  5. The fuel economy is amazing with the NSC110 Dio only using around 2 litres per 100km’s travelled.

  6. Simple low cost rental price.

  7. We have on-site servicing and mainetance at our workshop.
  1. Apply for your Learner’s License & complete the knowledge test here.


  2. Have your Learner’s License for 3 months then complete the practical riding test to get your P1 Riders License


  3. Have your P1 License for 12 months then complete the practical riding test to get your P2 Riders License.


  4. Hold your P2 Riders License for at least two years to get your full rider license.


Of course, your steps will vary depending on your circumstances and location so best to check with your local authorities for what you may require.


Be warned, there are a number of organisations who claim that they can provide driver licences, including so-called ‘100-year driver licences’. Under NSW legislation, Roads and Maritime Services is the only driver licensing authority in NSW.

  • You can only get a NSW driver licence from Roads and Maritime.
  • Anyone getting a licence card from any unauthorised organisation will be unlicensed to drive a vehicle in NSW. 
  • If the NSW Police stop a vehicle bearing number plates supplied by an unauthorised organisation, the driver of the vehicle may be infringed for driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.
  • You may be personally liable if you have an accident. In the case of an accident where the driver of a vehicle bearing number plates from an unauthorised organisation is responsible, they may be held personally liable for any damage or injury caused.

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