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How much petrol does a scooter use?

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Think about fuel when comparing scooter rental pricing

We get so many people calling us trying to compare scooter rental pricing in Sydney. We ask some really common questions like who is the company, what brand of bikes are they, what insurance is offered because generally any comparisons being made aren’t like for like.


There are a lot of differences available so sometimes what might look like a cheap rental price is actually not really good value.


One the most basic things people check to forget is to ask about fuel usage of the model of bike they are thinking of hiring. Yes, it is true scooters and motorbikes in general are very cheap to run when it comes to fuel usage. Although some have better performance than others.


This can add considerable cost to how much you pay to use your rental scooter. Typically the cheaper brands and models are also the most expensive to run.

Scooter fuel usage comparison

Honda Dio


Honda SH150


Honda CB125E


When you are considering scooter hire it is important to consider the ‘hidden’ costs like fuel consumption. The Honda range of scooters and motorcycles have some of the best fuel economy levels available. This will save money on petrol, time to fill up and let you do more deliveries for Uber over longer periods.


Your scooter fuel economy rate will vary based on some of the following conditions;

  • Your riding style – is it smooth or aggressive?

  • The weight of the rider – 60kgs or 120kgs?

  • If you carry passengers – this can double the weight.

  • How you maintain tyre pressures – too low increases riding resistance.

  • The type of fuel you use – 95 octane vs 98.

  • The type of riding you do – stop/start vs freeway.

  • If you use the idle features of the bike – switches off the engine when stopped.


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A Honda scooter has one of the best fuel economy ratings of all brands, crucial when comparing scooter hire pricing.

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