What is the best scooter for food delivery?


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HONDA NSC110 Dio - the best scooter in australia

A Honda is the best scooter for food delivery.

Well we are bias of course but the Honda NSC110 Dio is Australia’s top selling scooter according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries latest report here, It also makes it the best scooter for food delivery due to its reliability, sleek design that makes it easy for lane filtering and comfortable riding position. You can use a Honda Do for food delivery with companies like Uber Eats or Menu Log, we even include a helmet and phone holder so you can deliver food straight away.


  • Best fuel economy with around 200kms or more per tank.
  • Sleek, narrow design that makes lane filtering very easy.
  • You can rent a LAMS approved scooter for food delivery.
  • Storage pockets at the front & under the seat of the scooter.
  • Engine idling stop/star to save fuel.

You can rent the Honda NSC110 Dio scooter from Scootering or we also have the SH150 or CB125 motorcycle available. We make it simple to rent the best LAMS bikes in Australia with our cheap cost scooter rental service that is paid weekly with no lock-in contracts including;

  • Unlimited kilometres
  • Insurance
  • Registration
  • Servicing
  • Emergency replacement
  • Helmet
  • Phone holder


There’s no need to buy a Honda motorcycle when you can rent one in Sydney from just $130 per week

  • Honda NSC 110 Dio – 110cc with automatic transmission.
  • Honda SH150  – 150cc with automatic transmission.
  • Honda CB125 – 125cc with manual transmission.

It’s so original and practical in so many ways….The Idle stop feature is kind of interesting when you do and will when engaged, the engine will stop when you do and will restart when you twist the gas.Very peppy up to about 80ks then maxis out at 100k…Engine stops when the stand is put down, handy. quiet and responsive motor, good fuel economy and looks good. A little more expensive as a scooter but great build quality.


We had a 2016 dio 110 for our delivery and runaround bike for 1 year… very quick off the mark for a 110, and light…. fuel consumption is around 300km on a 5lt tank/ as well as the idle stop engine feature…If you wanted a great value get around scooter, definately should get this one.


Having owned this scooter for nearly 4 years, finding it a faultless little town run around machine. Sure it isnt the fastest machine on the road but it is quick enough to beat most cars at the lights… It is extremely reliable with no issues at all after over 8000km. The space under the seat is big enough for your helmet, and big enough for a few groceries on the way home from the shops. Overall it is a great little scooter that does everything it is designed for faultlessly.”


…Absolutely love riding the little scooter, its so very easy to live with… The Dio handles very well on smoother surfaces… The scooter has enough grunt to beat most cars off at the lights, and carves through traffic easily now that lane splitting is legal in NSW….Overall, it does a great job… The little scooter is the ideal commuter and runabout for urban work, it’s light weight, size and ease of riding/parking is fantastic… No gear shifting, good brakes, quiet motor, good luggage carrying capacity and Honda reliability make it a winner for me…


…I’ve been enjoying riding it very much. Of course it’s economical & it has that cute ‘idle off’ switch, but it’s so manoeuverable & quick that I use it instead of the car at every opportunity. What enormous fun! Also, it amazes me that it can accelerate so quickly while dragging my 90kgs around…


ive had several scooters in my time but the nsc110 is the best of them all. Great power for its size and fantastic fuel consumption ,handling is superb and its a beautiful all round scooter and has looks to match . I would highly recommend this machine at anyone for fun or daily commuting


I love my Honda Dio ! I ride 100 kms a week for work commute into the city and my tank of fuel lasts a fortnight. Under $5 a fortnight and so much fun ! Do peak hour traffic with out stopping. Takes off faster than the cars so you can go right to the front at the lights. So much storage. Can stop for a big grocery shop on the way home and with the hook on the front, the top box on the back and the big storage under the seat it all transports easily.


  1. Check the local Riders License requirements in New South Wales here
  2. Select a Honda scooter from our range.
  3. Come and visit our showroom to complete your paperwork. 

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