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A nimble, lightweight Honda scooter for rent. Easy to ride, perfect for a first time rider with great fuel economy and ease of operation, our most popular rental scooter.

Honda 110cc Scooter

Weekly scooter rental
$ 99 Per Week
  • LAMS Approved scooter
  • Automatic transmission
  • 108cc engine
  • 5.2 litres fuel tank
  • Around 2L/100km*
  • 1,255mm wheelbase
  • 100 kgs

A high quality Honda scooter in perfect condition for rent with a comfortable stable ride, more power, larger fuel tank with remote key start and mobile phone charging.

Honda 150cc Scooter

Weekly scooter rental
$ 120 Per Week
  • LAMS Approved scooter
  • Automatic transmission
  • 152cc engine
  • 7.5 litres fuel tank
  • Around 2.58L/100km*
  • 1,340 mm wheelbase
  • 137 kgs

A motorcycle for rent that is durable, economical and easy to ride. It has an upright seating position that is suitable for learners or experienced riders.

Honda 125cc Motorcycle

Weekly motorcycle rental
$ 130 Per Week
  • LAMS Approved motorbike
  • 5 speed manual transmission
  • 124.1cc engine
  • 14 litres fuel tank
  • Around 2.8L/100km*
  • 1,286 mm wheelbase
  • 137 kgs

The CB300R is a lightweight and nimble-handling naked bike that offers plenty of fun for beginners and experienced motorcyclists alike.


Weekly scooter rental
$ 197 Per Week
  • LAMS Approved motorbike
  • 6 speed manual transmission
  •  300 cc engine
  •  10 litres fuel tank
  •  Around 3.7L/100km
  •  1,352 mm wheelbase
  •  143 kgs

The CBR300R is a lightweight, easy to maneuver, easy to maintain, fuel-sipping, beginner bike prodigy. Great bike to both commute through the working week and enjoy on the weekend.


Weekly motorcycle rental
$ 197 Per Week
  • LAMS Approved motorbike
  • manual transmission
  •  286 cc engine
  •  13 litres fuel tank
  •  Around 3.31L/100km
  •  1,380 mm wheelbase
  •  164 kgs

Honda CB500F, the perfect combination of performance and every day versatility. Delivers sensible running costs, making it a great bike to both commute through the working week and enjoy on the weekend.


Weekly motorcycle rental
$ 247 Per Week
  •  LAMS Approved motorbike
  • manual transmission
  •  500 cc engine
  •  15.5 litres fuel tank
  •  Around 3.9L/100km
  •  1,410 mm wheelbase
  •  192 kgs



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Here is what some of our riders have said about our scooter & motorbike rental service.

Honda is Australia’s top selling brand.

Why you should rent a Honda motorcycle?

Honda was founded more than 70 years ago in Japan.  The brand is a household name primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, scooters and power equipment. Honda has been the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer since the 1950’s reaching over 400 million units by 2019.  It is also the world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines producing more than 14 million each year.

Honda is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Japan and has been since it started production in 1955. In recent times it produces over 500,000 bikes a year. In 2017, India became the largest motorcycle market of Honda. In India, Honda is leading in the scooters segment, with 59 percent market share and even has over 40% in Australia

When choosing a brand of rental scooter it is important to consider the history and expertise behind the model you are considering. While another rental may be cheaper, it could also mean it is less reliable, not as efficient or easy to use.

This is why we have selected Honda, the best selling motorcycle and scooter brand in Australia, for our rental fleet.

*Source www.bikesales.com.au, www.bikez.com, www.shannons.com.au. Fuel economy will vary based on; your riding style, the weight of the rider, if you carry passengers, how you maintain tyre pressures, they type of fuel you use, the type of riding you do & if you use the idle features of the bike.