How to rent a scooter in Sydney or Melbourne for Uber Eats
The Scootering office in Leichardt with Honda scooter and motorcycle rental in Sydney either manual or automatic

How to rent a scooter in Australia

Our goal is to provide an easy rental service for a scooter, motorbike or motorcycle. We get asked lots of different questions about what is required, what models do we have and more. We’ve collected the most common questions to help you decide about a scooter rental.

What are the most common questions people ask about how to rent a scooter?

What is the minimum age to rent a scooter or motorbike?

You need to be 21 years of age with proof of identification available.

What license do you need to rent?

You need either a valid Australian or Overseas Riders License. We do provide rentals to Learner Riders and our bikes are LAMS approved. 

What is the rental period?

The minimum rental period is 1 week and you are required to provide 1 week notice to end your contract. There is no lock in time period so you have the flexibility of doing a short, medium or long term rental.

How can I pay for my rental?

We accept all major credit cards and direct debit.

What do I need to pay up front?

We require a $300 deposit bond (that is refundable when you return the scooter or motorbike assuming there is no damage etc) and the first week’s rental payment in advance.

What other things do I need to pay for?

You need to pay for petrol, any tolls from motorways and/or any fines from parking, speeding etc.

When do I get my rental bond back?

Your rental bond will be refunded after 21 days to allow time for toll notices or fine notifications to be received (if any)

When do I need to make weekly payment?

Payments are taken every Wednesday.

How old are the bikes available for rent?

They are current 2018 models from the Honda range who are known for their reliability, performance and safety features.

Do I need my own helmet when I rent?

We provide an open face helmet for use but you may decide to use a full face helmet or some other brand / type of your own preference as there are many to choose from on the market.

What is the typical fuel economy of a scooter?

Looking at information shared by actual owners of the SH150 for example they are averaging just 2.7 litres per 100 kilometers in real world use. So that is roughly 200kms per tank.

Where is the servicing done on my rental?

We have a workshop on site at our showroom at Lewisham and a qualified mechanic on duty to provide the required servicing for your rental.

Can I use my rental for Ubereats, Menulog or Deliveroo?

Yes you can use your rental for all types of service or delivery needs to help earn an income. Our rental pricing is all inclusive covering registration, insurance, servicing, roadside assistance, emergency replacement so you can have peace of mind while you are working.

What happens if my rental breaks down?

We will provide roadside assistance after determinging the cause of the issue and if it is a fault of the scooter or motorbike we will provide an emergency replacement.

Can you provide the documents to ride for Ubereats?

Yes we can provide you with the necessary documents so you can apply to be a rider for Ubereats.

What is the insurance excess amount?

The insurance excess to rent a scooter or motorbike will depend on your age and riding experience. It varies in price from $1,000 to $2,300.

Is there tax benefits of renting vs buying a scooter?

There could be, we would advise speaking to your accountant or financial advisor to review your options but we do know many people who have chosen to rent vs buying.

What happens if my rental scooter is stolen?

You report it to us immediately and we will take the necessary steps to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. There will be an insurance excess that needs to be paid, the amount will be dependant on your age & riding experience. 

Are these rental scooters and motorbikes good for learners?

Yes they are LAMS approved models making them suitable for learner riders. They are light, nimble and easy to ride with plenty of power to move along with the traffic.

What is lane filtering?

Sydney road rules allow scooters or motorbikes to Lane Filter which means moving carefully between stationary vehicles at the traffic lights. It can reduce your travel times especially during peak hour.

Does the rental scooter or motorbikes have storage?

Each one has a parcel rack on the rear behind the seat, a top box can be fixed to this to increase your carrying capacity. There is also space under the seats and on the scooters there are storage bins under the handlebars.

Can I take passengers?

This may depend on the Riders License you are using when you ride on the scooter or motorbike. Each model available for rent can accomodate two people if required.

What are the servicing intervals?

1,000 km’s if the bike is new, but then every 6,000km’s after that.

Do I need to return the bike with fuel?

Yes the tank must be full or you will be charged up to $10 depending on the model rented.

What if I fall behind in my payments?

You will be required to return the bike immediately. If we are unable to retrieve the bike the model and registration will be reported to the Police and local authorities.

What if the bike is stolen?

You contact us immediately. We will then notify the Police and local authorities which will flag the model and registration as stolen.

How to rent a scooter in Sydney or Melbourne for Uber Eats

Earn money with Uber Eats or Menulog.

Hire a scooter for Uber Eats, Menulog or other services to earn money. With our simple low weekly rental price it makes it easy to manage your rental payments and maximise tax deductions too.

Learn more using the links below

How to rent a scooter with great fuel usage

We get so many people calling us trying to compare scooter rental pricing in Sydney. We ask some really common questions like who is the company, what brand of bikes are they, what insurance is offered because generally any comparisons being made aren’t like for like.


There are a lot of differences available so sometimes what might look like a cheap rental price is actually not really good value.


One the most basic things people check to forget is to ask about fuel usage of the model of bike they are thinking of hiring. Yes, it is true scooters and motorbikes in general are very cheap to run when it comes to fuel usage. Although some have better performance than others.


This can add considerable cost to how much you pay to use your rental scooter. Typically the cheaper brands and models are also the most expensive to run.

Honda Dio


Honda SH150


Honda CB125E


When you are considering scooter hire it is important to consider the ‘hidden’ costs like fuel consumption. The Honda range of scooters and motorcycles have some of the best fuel economy levels available. This will save money on petrol, time to fill up and let you do more deliveries for Uber over longer periods.


Your scooter fuel economy rate will vary based on some of the following conditions;

  • Your riding style – is it smooth or aggressive?

  • The weight of the rider – 60kgs or 120kgs?

  • If you carry passengers – this can double the weight.

  • How you maintain tyre pressures – too low increases riding resistance.

  • The type of fuel you use – 95 octane vs 98.

  • The type of riding you do – stop/start vs freeway.

  • If you use the idle features of the bike – switches off the engine when stopped.



Here is what some of our riders have said about our scooter, motorbike & motorcycle rental service.

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